Ardent Candle


$25.00 $34.00

This Berry flavored treat will leave you craving all the taste of fall.  This monster inspired cereal reminds us of Saturday mornings in fall watching cartoons and loading up on cereal. Once the sugar rush kicks in its time for all the fun fall activities!



  • 60-70 Hour Burn Time
  • Unique Soy Based Wax Blend that burns clean 
  • Reusable Premium Glassware and spoon: 
    • Once the wax has burned down, remove the spoon and wipe the wax off with a paper towel (be extra careful and do not force the spoon out).
    • Wash Spoon thouroughly with soap and water.
    • Once the entire candle is done, put premium glassware in the freezer for 30 minutes.
    • After 30 minutes, pop the remaining wax and wicks out.
    • Wash glassware thoroughly with soap and water.

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