Cereal Candles

The original "Cereal Candles". We Pride ourselves on the painstaking practice of perfecting the authenticity of each candle we put out. From the color to the scent, we spend weeks testing and creating each product before we put it out to our customers.

  1. Fruit Loops Cereal Candle
  1. Cinnamon Crunch Cereal Candle

"These candles are the b💣mb!! The scent fills my entire room and my hallway if I leave the door open, and there’s an even burn every time I light the candle as well!"



"I just ordered for the third time! Love the candles!"



"This candle smells identical to Froot Loops cereal. What's even more remarkable is that the wax cereal looks like the real thing down to the way Froot Loops cereal pieces have little crevices and craters. Over time, the little "cereal" pieces melt away, but the candle continues to smell distinctly like Froot Loops."